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Useful Links (Forum and Discworld)

Postby Tonyblack » Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:17 pm

The following list has been compiled by the members of this site and contains links to lots of useful and fun websites dedicated to Terry Pratchett and Discworld.

There are also some useful links to threads on this forum that may be of use to members.

Any suggestions for further links should be made HERE :)

Transworld Terry Pratchett Homepage - Homepage of Transworld, parent site of this forum and Terry's UK publisher.
L-Space - Information on Terry Pratchett and his work.
Discworld & Pratchett Wiki - Information on Terry Pratchett and his work.
Discworld Portal at Wiki - Information on Discworld.
Discworld Monthly - Free monthly newsletter about Terry Pratchett
Colin Smythe - Terry's agent and Terry Pratchett resource.
Stephen Briggs/CMOT - Discworld writer and adapter of books for theatre.
Paul Kidby - Discworld artist's homepage.
Josh Kirby - Former Discworld cover artist's homepage.
PJMS Prints - The official website of Discworld artist Paul Kidby. great place for news and Discworld merchandise.
The Cunning Artificer/Discworld Emporium - Home of Discworld Stamps and other Discworld merchandise.
UK Discworld Convention - Homepage for the Discworld conventions.
AUDWCON - Australia Discworld Convention site.
Broken Drummers - London based monthly meet-up Discworld group.
Lancre Morris Men - Traditional Morris Dancing with a Discworld theme.
Terry Pratchett Facebook Group - The place for Discworld fans on Facebook.
Terry Pratchett Fantastic Fiction Page - Terry Pratchett bibliography, covers and descriptions.
Wadfest - Annual Discworld camping event.
Discworld Reading Guide - The best order to read the books in from L-Space.
Discworld Reading Guide - an alternative and more up to date guide than L-Space.
Spanish Discworld Site
German Discworld Convention Site
Pratchett Partisans - a Brisbane (Australia) Pratchett Meet-up group.

Forum Links - links to useful threads on this site

Posting a picture using Photobucket etc.
Faces to Names - photos of forum members.
Ask Stibbons - Technical questions answered.
Twurp's Peerage - Forum members bios.
Posting Avatars - Quark's guide to resizing an image for an avatar.
Any Questions? - The place to get answers to those bits of the books you didn't understand.
So You've Discovered Discworld - Tell us how you found Pratchett's Discworld.
Requests for Birthday greetings
Posting YouTube videos - how to embed a YouTube video to the pages of this forum.
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